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Sunday, 09.09.2012, 04:43pm



Juliet, the Sexy Zombie Killer
Sunday, 01.13.2013, 03:54pm
who doesn't like Juliet? the hot and sexy cheerleader who kills zombies in Lollipop Chainsaw? here is the hottest and sexiest cosplay girls in Juliet costume.
Su Zizi Poses Nude To Pay Her School
Monday, 12.03.2012, 01:24am
Girls going naked for school or to pay for school is nothing new, but in China it's a different story, especially when the girl is as cute as Su Zizi.
Even Cats Like Big Boobs
Monday, 11.12.2012, 07:59pm
Yep, even cats like big boobs, who are us, men to deny it? Click the Picture to see the full gallery of this chick
Real Black Hulk Found in Africa
Thursday, 09.13.2012, 12:58pm
can you believe Black Hulk actually exist? he is in Africa, and here is his full picture.
Sea Dragons That Look Like Pokemons Found Floating In The Sea
Thursday, 09.13.2012, 12:53pm
amazing sea slugs that's called sea blue dragons found floating in the sea, they actually look like those from Pokemon series
Madonna's Naked Photo Sold For a High Price
Thursday, 09.13.2012, 12:50pm
who said Madonna no longer has sale value? her naked photo still fetched in more than $20,000 in England, wow.
Model Has Face Shaped Like Alien - Hot or Creepy?
Thursday, 09.13.2012, 10:54am
alien modelThis Chinese model has the face shaped like an Alien with her pointy chin totally shaped like a cone. What do you think? hot or creepy?
iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 Comparison
Wednesday, 09.12.2012, 03:57pm
IPHONE VS GALAXY SIIIiPhone 5 has been announced at Apple's convention, it has a nice 4" screen and smaller connection, but how does it stand compared to Samsung Galaxy S3?
Ke$ha celebrates MTV Award by going Naked, Awesome
Wednesday, 09.12.2012, 01:14am
nudeKe$ha is full of awesomeness, as she went to MTV Award in a racy dress, one thing many didn't know was she didn't wear anything underneath, and she shared her naked photo on twitter, yay
Picture of Taylor Swift Topless and Naked Leaked
Wednesday, 09.12.2012, 12:18am
taylor swift titsAfter Ke$ha showed off her naked picture, it's Taylor Swift's turn to show off her naked body on this leaked topless picture, nice tits Taylor.
Man in China Caught a Life Dragon and Cut It Open
Tuesday, 09.11.2012, 03:27pm
 dragona man in China caught on camera holding a live baby dragon and cut it open while his dog watching him butchering the legendary mythical creature.
Jenis-Jenis Dosen, Bermanfaat Buat Lolos, eh Lulus Kelasnya
Tuesday, 09.04.2012, 06:21pm
Ketahui jenis dosen-mu, dijamin dikau bakal selamat dan lolos, eh lulus dari kelasnya, salah sedikit, terpaksa ngulang deh.
Power Of Make Up - Ordinary Voluptous Girl to Super Hot Chick
Tuesday, 09.04.2012, 05:47pm
power of make upsome girls are born with beautiful face, some are born with gigantic voluptuous boobs, why not have both?
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