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Saturday, 04.23.2011, 02:48pm (GMT-5)


3D movies have become a norm and a MUST if you want your movie to succeed in movie theaters. Since Avatar broke the record, many movies are following it footstep, including this porn movie, wait.... WHAT? PORN?

This movie, Sex and Zen 3D has taken the world cinema by storm, it has become the first 3D porn movie to shown in movie theaters. Many tourists flocked the movie theaters in Hong Kong to check out this movie and what the buzz was all about.

It's no secret that porn industries had gone as far as going HD and everything, and porn goes 3D was going to happen anyways. The question was when and where. I actually thought Japan was going to be the first to produce these kind of movies, since Japanese porn movies are all over the world and among the most downloaded online.

Based on a classic Chinese erotic story, the film follows a strapping young man as he discovers a royal world of "orgies, swinging and some very graphic sex scenes"

The film, to be released in May 2011, will be marketed in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and some pay-per-view TV channels in Hong Kong- China itself will likely be off limits due to censorship, and for reason I will be telling you below.
People's Republic of China is a far more sexually repressive country and society than Hong Kong (even though officially Hong Kong is part of China, the people still regard themselves as different institution).  Whilst Hong Kong enjoys Western standards of sexual openness, in China, even  the possession of porn can give you all kind of serious troubles with the Communist authorities.

’3D Sex and Zen’ is based on ancient Chinese story, and is being hailed as the world’s first 3D porn film – or at least since 3D exploded last year. The film stars Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara.

My question is more like how comfortable it is to watch porn in 3D, because even watching movies like Avatar or How To Train Your Dragon, it was not the best experience wearing those uncomfortable 3D glasses, let alone watching porn with all the close ups, moaning etc

And this won't be the last 3D porn we'll be seeing, this is just the beginning for 3D sex flicks era.

Hustler is reportedly working on a 3-D porno-spoof of James Cameron's mega blockbuster "Avatar", while Italian director Tinto Brass plans to make a 3D version of his 1979 erotic film "Caligula".

Here is the interview with Edmund Lee, the director of this movie:

"As hard as this might be to believe, sex is often best experienced in person. That, however, isn’t exactly stopping any Hongkonger from downloading Japanese porn, at will. But, in what he frankly admits to being “an extremely risky project”, Stephen Shiu Yeuk-yuen is attempting the unprecedented: he’s persuading us that even high-quality, lowbrow smut should function as part of the capitalist society. By hiring porn stars that we can watch for free, the writer and producer of 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is challenging us to fork out the money to buy tickets so we can see them faking it.

More unfathomable still, as it turns out, is that Shiu may have gotten it spot-on. “For a time, there’s [been] no reason to go to the cinemas [to watch a skin flick] as there’s free porn readily available online,” says the veteran filmmaker. “But this 3D thing has changed the whole equation, because people have to come to the theatres to get the full visual impact. The voyeuristic feel is so damn amazing now. You’re much more immersed as you feel like you’re watching by the bedside.”

Then again, common sense fades when people start to see things in, well, ‘3D’. After all, if they’re lining up to witness some weird blue creatures almost having sex (no, we’re not referring to The Smurfs – we haven’t watched that one yet), there really isn’t a good reason that they shouldn’t be flocking to see Shiu’s dirty epic too. And so it has been proven the case already: a month before its official release here, 3D Sex and Zen has been sold to countries as conservative as India and Singapore (both of which will screen a further censored version), and countless tourist groups from the Mainland – where pornography is publicly banned – have signed up to catch the film’s theatrical run in Hong Kong.

Shiu began production of his first Sex and Zen movie – starring the likes of Amy Yip and Elvis Tsui – back in 1989. Adapted from the 17th century erotic novella The Carnal Prayer Mat, a story of love and karma and sexual organ transplant, that film looked all set to bomb when it screened to a less-than-half-full audience at its first midnight test screening in 1991. With his marketing masterstroke, however, Shiu told his director to cut out half an hour from the film, and to insert a naked man into the promotional poster, which originally only featured two women, “a misleading sign that this was a lesbian film”, notes Shiu. The repackaged movie would soon turn into box office gold, spawning two unrelated “sequels” by the equally opportunistic director Wong Jing in the process. It’s now considered a classic in Hong Kong and a cult favourite around the world.

Ditching the first movie’s preoccupations with karma, the new 3D movie instead turns its focus to the meaning of true love. According to the film’s leading man Hiro Hayama, a Japanese actor who has been working in the Chinese language film industry for some time, he was picked by the producers precisely because of his heartthrob image in the 2010 rom-com Break Up Club. Being a stranger to Chinese culture, Hayama was shocked when he checked out 1991’s Sex and Zen as part of his professional due diligence. “After I watched the DVD, I thought to myself: I must say no [to the offer]!” he says, alternating between a boyish grin and embarrassed chuckle. “This is not a love story at all!” He exclaims. “This is totally a porno!”

It is, alas, not just another porno: Shiu was one of the most high-profile producers of sleazy B-movies before he left the industry in 1993, and he’s also bringing his distinguished taste back this time. “I love violence because I love to shock,” he says. “I really love this stuff onscreen.” The writer-producer goes on to describe two disturbing sequences in the new movie: one of the protagonist scratching maggots from the exposed bones of his injured leg; another of a medieval torture tool, where a woman is forced to sit on an iron lotus that subsequently opens inside her. And then, Shiu breaks into gleeful – and shall we say, rather evil – laughter. “You can imagine how painful that is! Whenever I have these awesome ideas I’d shoot them first no matter what. The censors can wait.”

3D Sex and Zen may end up making a truckload of money, but the film is unlikely to make history anytime soon. When I have a quiet moment with Vonnie Lui – no stranger to racy Category III movies, and the present film’s highest profile local actress – she laughs off, almost too nonchalantly, the producers’ claims that this is “the world’s first 3D erotic movie”. “You know, every movie out there is calling itself a 3D movie these days,” she says, pretty much shouting out loud what’s on our mind. “Even up to this point, I still don’t understand why it’s said to be the first one.” Not that many would care. (interview source)"

So, what do you think? would you go to movie theater with your wife or girlfriend to watch this porn? in 3D?


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