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Bewitched Teenage Girl Caught Having Sex With A Dog

Friday, 05.13.2011, 05:24pm (GMT-5)

A woman in Namibia, Africa told the press about her finding her 17 year old daughter engaged in a sexual Intercourse with a stray dog.

For her security reasons, and being under 18, her name is being kept secret, but she was reported as being mentally challenged as well. She told told reporters in Katima Mulilo that she heard her daughter crying in pain, so she went to check her out and was so shocked to find her being mounted by a stray dog, and she believes it is the work of black magic.

Black magic is not an uncommon thing in countries like Africa and South America, many weird behaviors are believed to be caused by black magic activities.

“I heard agony sounds outside by the gate and upon inspection I found my daughter fully naked and stuck with a dog. I was confused and shocked because she was screaming in pain” she told the press.

Family members of that young girl said that she has suffered from a mental illness that prevents her from going to school, but the mother believes that her daughter has been bewitched by her former lover. When she discovered her daughter with the dog she first called the police, and then called her brother when the police failed to show up.

The girl's uncle was so disgusted by the incident, he killed the dog right away and buried it the next day, but he remains critical of the girl’s mental health and insists that she needs a proper medical help and not relying on 'clever and holy people' to exorcise demons in the girl's body.

“It is an uncommon act in our culture or region that a living being is sexually attracted to an animal and a dog for that matter. It makes me sick to imagine such an incident,” he said


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