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Porn Star Dies After Sixth Breast Enlargement Operation

Friday, 10.21.2011, 01:21am (GMT-5)

German porn star “Sexy Cora” died during her sixth breast enlargement operation, and according to reports two doctors have been charged with negligent manslaughter after.  Sexy Cora, real name Carolin Ebert, was the winner of the Venus Award 2010 in category of Best German adult movie.

According to BBC News, the 23-year-old actress, reportedly suffered a heart attack on the operating table, on Jan. 11 during surgery at a clinic in Hamburg, remained without a heartbeat for 15 minutes and was placed into an induced coma.  She died after suffering from massive brain damage on January 20, 2011, nine days after surgery.

The physicians in charge of the operation stand accused of negligent manslaughter.
sexy cora porn start dies

A statement from the clinic obtained by CNN said the doctors were “extremely upset and deeply regret the death.”

“As matters stand currently a defect in the anesthetizing device can be ruled out,” the clinic statement said. “The claim that the monitoring could have given readings other than the actual vital functions of the patient has nothing to do with the facts and has no connection to reality.”

The doctors in question are cooperating with police, the statement reads.

An autopsy is scheduled take place next week.

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