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Discounted Prices... If You Shop in Bikini

Wednesday, 12.14.2011, 10:56pm (GMT-5)

Many young men and women can register for a company's famous January sale, if they come in in Bikini.

Virgin Holiday will be opening their new store in West London, and it will be their first high street location and not within a mall, supermarket or department store.

The prices to travel around the world could start as low as
£399, and many people would do almost anything to grab that deal, including waiting in line in bikini in this cold winter day.

'It will be very experiential. We want people to come in and play with and experience travel, not just be sold it, and there will be elements from our concession stores that work well, plus some really innovative, experiential new concepts.' said Mark Anderson, the customer director of Virgin Holidays.

waiting in line in bikini
virgin holiday deal

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