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Super Short Mini Skirts Get 50% OFF Theme Park Admission

Thursday, 07.19.2012, 11:25am (GMT-5)

mini skirts get discountshort mini-skirts
Women 18+ with mini skirts shorter than 38cm can get 50% off admission to this theme park.

It's true, a theme park in Guilin City is encouraging adult women to wear less and give them half price admission to attract them to their theme park during summer.

In their logic, girls with super short mini skirts will attract more men to visit their theme park.

The theme park manager said that " it aims to encourage female visitors to showcase their beauty in summer”

mini skirts get discount

Even the Guilin City local TV footage showed how the park’s staff used rulers to measure the skirts' length of female visitors who were lining up at the entrance to determine their eligibility for the discount.

A bit longer and they won't get the 50% OFF, perverted and yet smart move eh?


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