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Sexy Girl Promotes Online Game... Naked

Thursday, 07.19.2012, 12:59pm (GMT-5)

girl promotes game nakednaked gaming girl
It looks like extremely tight and unhealthy competition has forced a gaming company to use a girl to promote their game... naked.

Although the company itself denied that it was their doing and that the girl did it on her own without the company's knowledge, many people still doubt that.

The video began with a girl playing this game naked, and then get up while still in her towel explaining her game.

Suddenly her towel 'accidentally' dropped and revealed her smooth body and surely make us 'gasp' a bit.

She may not have won the Chinese conservative to play that game, but she surely has grab my attention to at least check out what that game is, LOL, joking... I'm only interested in her.

Well, it's not all bad, especially for otaku die-hard, they deserve this break.

Check out the naked gaming girl video below and see if you are now interested in that game... or that girl instead.


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