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Naked Man Attacks Police Vehicle on The Street

Thursday, 07.19.2012, 01:33pm (GMT-5)

naked man stops policenaked man stops police
Talk about balls, this man sure got those. Instead of attacking police car the conventional way, he did it with style, although without clothing.

This incident took place on July 17, 2012 in Hefei City, China.

At first, the man was still in his underwear and started harassing the passing vehicles, and in the first hour, he already harassed at least 20 vehicles.

Even when the police came, he stood right in front of the police car, saluting them and then attacked them.

The police had to shot him with tranquilizer to bring him down and had the hospital stuff take him to hospital and diagnose his mental health.

naked man stops police
naked man stops police
naked man stops police
naked man stops police

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