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Someone Might be Taking Pictures of Your Boobs or Panties Out There

Friday, 07.20.2012, 12:10pm (GMT-5)

candid picturecandid picture
Internet world in Serbia has been shocked by a veteran man taking candid pictures of more than 10,000 women and posted them in a Serbian forum.

He named the thread 'voyeur in action' and posted many pictures he took secretly using his camera phone on that thread.

Probably using his tiny phone, he used the camera taking pictures of women boobs, ass, panties, upskirts and such and use them as his sexual fantasy objects and share them with the Serbian people on that forum.

We can totally see that he took these pictures everywhere, in the shopping malls, public transportation, parks and maybe from his own car as well.

The forum representative was contacted by the Serbian police but  they still haven't got an answer yet.

Probably this is a crime in Serbia. If it is, then this photographer must be in hot water now.

So, girls, be careful and don't show off too much, someone might be taking pictures of you secretly.

candid picture

candid picture
candid picture

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