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This Webcam-Stripper Girl Has No Vagina and No Breasts

Tuesday, 07.24.2012, 12:45am (GMT-5)

no titsgirl with no pussy and no tits
This cam-girl with the nickname DamageDoll widely known as the girl with no vagina and no breasts unlike other women.

Her real name however is Sally, and she is suffering from something called absent genitalia, which causing her having a very small vagina and boobs.

She started having this disease since she was 14 years old, it’s a digestive disorder and it can affect a person anywhere from nose and mouth to vagina or anus.

It’s usually something that gives someone problems when going to the bathroom and absorbing things into her/his body. Like nutrients and stuff.

She still has sex like other women, but she prefers guys with small dick so she won't have to deal with extreme pain that comes with having sex with normal to large size penis.

See guys, don't complain of your woman not having big boobs or not-very-thigh pussy, just be grateful of what you have, all right?

girl with no pussy and no tits
girl with no pussy and no tits

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