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Going Topless and Show Boobs in NYC is NOT Illegal

Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 11:21pm (GMT-5)

topless in New York City
moira johnston going topless and show boobs in new york city
Moira Johnston going topless and show some boobs on New York City streets

If a man can be topless and show their man-breasts anywhere in New York City, why can't women? Moira Johnston here trying to show the girls that they can go topless too, it's not illegal, right?

She is from Philadelphia, and she is in New York with a mission; to raise women's awareness of their legal rights.

Seriously though, it's legal for adult women to be topless and show off their breasts in public if they want to, that law was passed in 1992.

Some police actually arrested her for public disturbance and then released her again for false arrest.

So ladies, now you know that it is completely legal to show off your beautiful tits in public in NYC, are you going to do that?

note; I have no objections whatsoever if you feel like doing that, in the matter of fact, I'm
looking forward to it.


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