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White Girl Walked Around Naked in The Streets of China

Wednesday, 08.08.2012, 06:33pm (GMT-5)

white girl walking around nakedwhite girl naked in China
A girl walking around naked always draws attention, but it became more controversial when you were walking around naked in ... China... as a foreign white girl.

The Chinese have had long resentment towards Westerners for bringing a more open culture into China, such as woman equality and free sex.

They saw it as damaging to their culture, and you could only imagine how shock they were to see this white girl walking around their street... naked.

This happened on August 7, 2012 in Kunming, China, and the reaction of her surrounding couldn't be more hostile.

There were shouting and cries for punishment towards her, “It is a public place, there were so many children there too.”,  “Why don’t the police do something?”, “Lacking in moral integrity!”.

Later on it was discovered that she is a medical student from Italy, her motives for doing such thing is unclear, but she might face deportation for committing a crime; public indecency.

Getting arrested for something like this seems ridiculous, but this is a pretty closed country we are talking about.

I think China should open up a bit more, if this was happening here, instead of jeering, we'd be cheering for her. Or... worse case scenario, she might get raped somewhere in the city.

And if you ask if she got raped, the answer is no, she was not harmed, the only thing that got harmed is probably her chance to finish her medical school in China.

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