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The Dark Art of Peeping Up Women's Miniskirts

Thursday, 08.09.2012, 06:26pm (GMT-5)

peeping at pantiesThis is like staring at women's cleavage, it's like staring at the sun, too risky, just take a peek, nothing more, but the Japanese surely has harnessed this skill, and we are here to share it with you.

There is something about peeping up women's panties. We could have just rent or watch porn on internet, but nooooo, we'd rather risk ourselves getting locked up by peeping up these hot girls' panties through their miniskirts.

Why do men love peeping up women's miniskirts? nobody can help you with that, there has to be something with the challenge of not getting caught and it's about your curiosity about someone who is not your girlfriend nor your wife.

The Japanese probably are the experts at this since they have tons of candid panties shot up their miniskirts all over the internet, and they are sharing their knowledge with the graphical art of peeping complete with the scientific explanations.

Anyways, enough talk and let's discuss this, the art of peeping women's panties up their miniskirts is below.

1.  most miniskirts' length is 5 inches (12 cm) and the 'window' that you can see is usually up to almost 2 inches (4 cm)
2.  most of the time when you sit in front of the hot girls you want to peek their panties up, your eyes are around 27.5 inches (70 cm) up there with around 160 degrees, so you won't get the best view.
3. if possible, scoot down to less than 45 degrees to get a better view of those panties, assuming she is not covering them first.
4. when a woman walks up the stairs, there is a window of opportunity as well. You see, most women have at least 10cm from the pivot to the tip of her ass, and there is a 45 degrees window when she changes legs as she walks up.
5. added to her high heels, if the total length from the stair to her miniskirts is 80cm, make sure you double that to 160 cm between the floor to your eyes and the degrees of your eyes to her mini-skirt is 0 degree, so you get the clearest view of the wonder of the world every time she walks up without you having to look up so noticeably.

WARNING! The illustrations are of those Japanese peeping tom experts, if you seriously thinking of trying this, do it at  your risk, we won't be responsible of any slaps, hits, beats or arrests you may suffer.

art of peeping tom
art of peeping tom


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