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Plastic Wrapped Girl - Fetish or Plain Cruel?

Monday, 09.03.2012, 08:21pm (GMT-5)

plastic girl
we wrapped our food with plastic wrapper every time we cannot finish it, but have you ever thought about wrapping a girl after you bang her? that's plain cruel... or for others, it's fetish.

Japan fetishes are weird, no secret about it, but using a vacuum under the bed to suck in the plastic to wrap up a girl is another thing.
wrapped up girl
She can easily out of breath and die from lack of oxygen, although it seems like she can also easily move herself even though she is totally wrapped up.

Although which one is weirder, this girl-wrapped-up-in-plastic thing or BDSM / Bondage thing.

What do you think?

The video of this girl being wrapped up in plastic is below


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