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17yo Girl Tortured by Her Giant 34K Boobs
Tuesday, 07.17.2012, 02:19pm
huge boobs17 year old Ellie Jaycock said that her giant boobs, measuring 34K are hurting her and ruining her life.
How China Prevents Its Students From Cheating
Monday, 07.16.2012, 08:10pm
how china deals with cheating studentsStudents cheating during exam is common, but in China, it's rampant, so how do China deal with it? I can just say that it's amazing, highly recommended
Your Dog Might be French-Kissing You in Your Sleep - VIDEO
Monday, 07.16.2012, 05:49pm
 french-kiss humanBe careful when you sleep, especially if you sleep with your mouth open, your dog might have been french-kissing you in your sleep. Don't believe me? watch this video below.
Sex Tour Paradise in Patpong
Saturday, 07.14.2012, 11:42am
sex tourismPatpong is well known for its cheap knock-off stuffs, but its main tourist destination actually its sex shows and prostitution
This is Why Girls Shouldn't Change Shirt in Bus
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:05pm
bra in bus smalldon't want someone take a picture of you topless in bus and post you and your bra on the internet? don't do it then.
Beautiful and Real Virgin Girls for Sale - US$6000 - For Real
Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 01:17pm
virgin for saledissapointed that you never got to pop a woman's cherry? well, no worries, now you can get a beautiful real virgin girl from Vietnam for US$6000, satisfaction guaranteed
Female Student Stripped, Molested and Fingered for Stealing a Laptop
Monday, 07.09.2012, 09:58am
stripped nakedA student who got caught stealing a laptop from other student got stripped naked in public, molested and had her private parts fingered while other students taking pictures.
C-String Panties Reveal More Than Thong, In Style Soon?
Thursday, 07.05.2012, 10:08am
Women are wearing less and reveal more to us, with mini bra and tiny and transparent thong. But now, a C-String panties are born cover only pubic and vagina.
OMG - Topless Girl Painting on Canvas Using Her Boobs
Thursday, 07.05.2012, 08:44am
breast paintingAt times, we cannot understand artists, but this girl takes it to the next level, as she likes to paint topless, and she paints using her boobs / tits / breasts whatever you wanna call them, video included.
Thief Stripped Naked To Resist Her Arrest - Sigh
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 03:22pm
A Chinese woman stripped naked to resist arrest after her husband and her got caught stealing stuffs from a neighborhood in Jilin province.
This Kind Of Dress Gets You Attacked By Sex Predators
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 03:16pm
provocativeGirls, you need to learn to protect yourself, not talking about martial arts, but avoid dressing up like this, it will gets you attacked or raped by sex predators.
How to Find a Hot Girl Using Google
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 12:00am
struggling to find a hot girl in real life? drolled at those blonde's hot boobs' cleavage during summer but afraid of getting caught? what to do? Google to the rescue.
Teacher's Private Photos Leaked Online, Embarrassed, Took A Leave
Thursday, 06.28.2012, 11:17am
A cute teacher from China was so embarrassed her pictures leaked online, she has taken a leave from work. Why? because those pictures are her private photos.
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