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Japanese Girls Vending Machine
Tuesday, 04.03.2012, 12:25am
vending machineFeel like having a Japanese girl for your pleasure but don't want to spend too much time looking for one? why don't you rent one at your local vending machine? you can choose too.
Have You Done It The Other Way?
Thursday, 03.01.2012, 10:27pm
Very awkward conversation indeed
Schoolgirls as Young as 14 Selling Themselves For Quick Cash
Friday, 02.03.2012, 01:55pm
high school hookersSchoolgirls in China as young as under 14 have been cracked down as part of the prostitution ring
Want To See Some Boobs?
Thursday, 02.02.2012, 12:41am
boobsYou go on webcam with girls at times, and sometimes you'd have that in your head that you want to see her boobs, right? admit it. Well, this girl is willing to show you some boobs. Just check it out
Woman Offered Sex For.... Chicken McNuggets
Wednesday, 01.18.2012, 11:09pm
A woman from Los Angeles was arrested after offering sex for.... McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.
The Most Extreme Places To Have Sex
Saturday, 12.24.2011, 01:07am
Some people get bored very easily with their sex lives and want new adventures. They try certain stuffs to keep it fresh and exciting
This Is How People Peek At Your Panties In China
Saturday, 12.24.2011, 01:07am
Be careful when you travel to China and planning on wearing skirts, this is how they peek at your panties without you even suspecting them doing so.
Discounted Prices... If You Shop in Bikini
Wednesday, 12.14.2011, 10:56pm
Many young men and women can register for a company's famous January sale, if they come in in Bikini.
Model's Ripped Skirt Shows Off Her Butt
Tuesday, 12.13.2011, 12:51pm
What is more embarrassing for a catwalk model? fall down on the stage or a ripped cloth showing off part of her body?
Only In New York: Naked Party Held in Soho by Nudists
Wednesday, 11.30.2011, 09:25pm
In New York, some young people are promoting nudism, hoping that nudism will no longer be held in contempt and condemned by the elderly.
Newest Weird Place To Have Sex - In A Coffin
Friday, 11.18.2011, 12:19pm
Talking about strange places to have sex, this couple from China set a new standard. They had sex in a coffin.
Man Saved A Woman From Rape And Accused of Being a Peeping Tom
Thursday, 11.10.2011, 02:11pm
Zeng Li made posted on the internet an advertisement to sublet her apartment, never thinking the prospective tenant would be a robber, who after hurting her and robbing her money would also try to rape her.
Beauty Pageant Held In Manila For..... Ladyboys
Saturday, 10.22.2011, 01:02am
A beauty pageant just took place in Manila, the capital of the Philippines recently . The pageant drew quite big attention because it was different. And how different it was?
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