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Philippines' Mass Circumcision Party
Saturday, 05.28.2011, 08:09pm
A town in the Philippines just set a new world record, by circumcising 1,500 boys in one day.
No Pants Day Held In Taiwan
Wednesday, 05.25.2011, 08:53pm
No Pants Day has been going on for about ten years and has spread to many countries around the world, but mostly Western countries. Because of the norm in Asian countries, no countries dared to do it, until Taiwan followed.
Only In New York - Pillow Fight World Cup
Wednesday, 05.18.2011, 08:55pm
Pillow fight!!! Hm..., what's in your mind? hot girls in their pajamas hitting each other with pillows? well, you are not exactly wrong, we are still talking about girls fighting each other with pillows, but on the ring.
Ouch - OMG
Wednesday, 05.18.2011, 02:16am
Ouch, if that didn't hurt, I don't know what does. Why didn't the cameraman say something to her? looks like he was enjoying it as well
Asian Girl With The Biggest Rack
Tuesday, 05.17.2011, 07:05pm
Many people say Asian chicks have no boobs. Well, not this one
Airport Scanners Can See How You Look Naked
Monday, 05.16.2011, 12:40pm
A British woman reported to the police against a London airport security guard who told her he “loved those gigantic boobs” as she passed through the machine by mistake.
Artist Jailed For Performing Sex As Art
Sunday, 05.15.2011, 11:06pm
A 57 year-old Chinese Artist, Cheng Li, was arrested for act of public indecency in Beijing for performing sex as art exhibiton.
Sister Jiang's Torture In Pictures
Saturday, 05.14.2011, 01:05pm
This is a story about a women in China's revolutionary era. Her name was Sister Jiang, she was a popular figure in China's modern history. She was a loyal member of the Communist party who died for her beliefs.
Bewitched Teenage Girl Caught Having Sex With A Dog
Friday, 05.13.2011, 05:24pm

A woman in Namibia, Africa told the press about her finding her 17 year old daughter engaged in a sexual Intercourse with a stray dog.

OMG! Pippa Midleton's 'Secret' Pictures Leaked?
Wednesday, 05.11.2011, 09:46pm
Pippa Middleton, this name became so famous after the royal wedding. The bridesmaid to Kate Middleton, the future queen of England, who also wore white dress and took the fashion world by storm.
Problem is, not only her dress been making the headlines, but also her 'pictures' taken during her vacation.
Only In New York - Naked Lifestyle Of A Photographer
Wednesday, 05.11.2011, 01:38pm
This is the life of Erica Simone, a photographer who embraces her naked lifestyle in New York City. At her gallery event called 'Self Portraits Of a Bare Urban Citizen' She showed off naked photos of herself doing activities in New York City.
Asian Celebrities Fashion Oops
Wednesday, 05.11.2011, 02:41am
celebrities showing panties and stuff no longer shocking, many celebrities as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have done it so many times, we actually getting bored of it, and it's not like they cared anyways. But what about Asian celebrities?
OMG! A Shaolin Monk Caught Visiting Prostitutes
Tuesday, 05.10.2011, 09:36pm
The Buddhist temple said that the rumors are untrue and it might take the proper actions legally against this.  This story clearly hurt the reputation of Shaolin temple that has been built for hundreds of years.
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