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Zombie Proof House

Tuesday, 05.03.2011, 09:06am (GMT-5)

When you are watching zombie survival horror movies or playing zombie survival horror  games, such as Resident Evil and you see the character(s) trapped in a house or a building and surrounded by zombies, has it ever come to your mind, what if this happened to you and you had a zombie proof building to protect you from these zombies? and you can go up to the roof and throw some flamethrower at them?

Well, this designer apparently had that dream and did something about it to make sure it would never happen to him.

He built a house that fully made of brick walls with moving windows, and a bridge to cross to his other nearest building. When the zombies attack, what he needs to do is push a button, and the windows will all shut and the main gate will shut down. The only access to the house apparently is the roof. Unless those zombies know how to operate a chopper, I don't see how they can penetrate this house.

Check out the house he build to prevent the apocalypse below.

What you need is push a button and......

Now this is truly a house that will shield you from the invasion of zombies, and while they are scratching your walls, you can have your wine while watching Resident Evil's DVD Collection.
Just make sure you have enough snack supplies to go through it, ok?