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Creative Children's Bedroom Design

Wednesday, 05.25.2011, 07:51pm (GMT-5)

A bedroom is  not only your place to sleep, it's also a place where others may judge your personality from. It reflects your what kind of person you are, and in some cases, it shows what your hobbies and the things your interested at. Many parents also design their children's bedroom according to their children's hobbies and interests, but few can match the design of the bedrooms below.

Here are the designs based on the hobbies:

1. CHESSMASTER bedroom

2. SOCCER-PLAYER bedroom

3. BOY-SCOUT bedroom

4. SUNSHINE bedroom

5. PILOT bedroom

6. ZOO bedroom

7. RACER bedroom

8. FARMER bedroom

9. CIRCUS bedroom

10. STORY-TELLER bedroom

11. WINTER bedroom

What do you think? pretty cool right? you might wanna use these as the inspiration to design your own or your children's bedroom as well.
Just don't steal their design, be creative and create your own, it will be more fun.

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