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Japan's Most Beautiful Gamer Turns Out To Be....

Thursday, 06.02.2011, 11:20pm (GMT-5)

Kayo Satoh is one of Japan's best "Street Fighter" player, she is a very stylish model. However, make no mistake, she was not a woman.
Yep, she WAS NOT a woman. Video game players may also remember an earlier news reports that in Japan, it's most beautiful "Super Street Fighter 4" female players turned out to be transsexual, yes, that is her.

Satoh was born was a boy, which she revealed in a TV show in Japan. For all her works in fashion magazines, she fooled everybody. even the editor of her colleagues did not know she was a man. However, she explained the situation to the editor. She said: "This is a new beginning."

In a television program, she confirmed truthfully: "Yes. I was a man."

Satoh said she was happy to be able to come out about her identity in this world. She is about to launch its own first photo album "born again."

When Satoh was a schoolboy, she used to be very depressed, and even once attempted suicide. She started taking injections of estrogen at the age 15, but she has not done any sex change operation yet. She writes in her blog that her gender is "female", but in this photo album, she wrote a "male."

In her spare time, her favorite play is the "Street Fighter", and even become the national champion of the Street Fighter game.

"Born again" Cover photo:


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