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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's Super Hot CEO Gallery

Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 09:55am (GMT-5)

.Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO
Marrisa Mayer, super hot blonde just appointed CEO of Yahoo, so.. whoever said that blondes are dumb? this is one hot, gorgeous and smart blonde indeed.

She is a Stanford graduate, beat that! she works for Yahoo as President & CEO, beat that! also acting as a Computer programming instructor at Stanford University, beat that!

She was Google's first software engineer and had a hand in Google's simple layout when she first joined them in 1999.

Too bad she is not single (yeah right, like I ever had a chance), she is married to Zachary Bogue and expecting a baby this 2012, well congratulations Marissa, everything is going your way now.

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO
Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO
Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO

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