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Hot Athena Cosplay Banned in ChinaJoy For Being Too Sexy

Thursday, 08.02.2012, 07:57pm (GMT-5)

athena sexy cosplaybanned Athena cosplay sexy
This booth babe dressed up as Athena, and drew lots of attention, but soon she got banned because her cosplay outfit was deemed too sexy and revealing.

She was promoting games for ZQGame, which was also condemned by the ChinaJoy organizer that their booth babe was too vulgar.

The Chinese government is determined to crack down on vulgarity in China’s digital gaming conventions notorious for scantily dressed showgirls.

To avoid troubles, ZQGame, the gaming company that hired this girl, has parted company with her and had her bags packed and sent home after she finished the first day show.
banned Athena cosplay sexy
banned Athena cosplay sexy
banned Athena cosplay sexy
banned Athena cosplay sexy

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