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Wiwid - Hottie Who Collects Adult Movies
Wednesday, 09.07.2011, 02:07am
Sapta Pertiwi was born in Bandung, Jawa Barat, 21 Juni 1982; also known as Wiwid.
She is known as the hot girl in many tv ads, but one thing most people don't know is she likes porn, and she collects many of them. She even exchanges them with her friends when she is bored with her collections. wow.

Priscil - Beautiful Master Chef
Wednesday, 09.07.2011, 01:49am
Not only gorgeous, she is also great at cooking. Her name is Priscil, one of the contestants of a reality tv show, Master Chefs 2011.

Jayme, The Cute Costume Girl
Saturday, 09.03.2011, 01:28pm
She is a cheerful girl who loves costumes, well... she does look great in them
Famous Comic Book Author's Identity, Photos and Video Revealed
Monday, 08.29.2011, 08:05pm
A young Chinese comic artist has become an internet sensation overnight in in Japan - not only because her comic books (manga in Japan) have been selling well, but because of the mangaka (comic book artist) turned out to be a young and beautiful schoolgirl. (video after the break)
Hot Russian Cheerleaders
Friday, 08.26.2011, 10:47pm
 Russian girls are hot, their cheerleaders? hotter. Check out their pics below
Punk Babes
Thursday, 08.25.2011, 04:26pm
They may be a bit punk, but they are still beautiful and attractive
Amateur Red Riding Hood
Tuesday, 08.23.2011, 01:01pm
Have you ever imagined having your own red riding hood at home? it has to be most guys fantasy after watching the Red Riding Hood movie
Hot Disney Princesses With Big Rack
Sunday, 08.21.2011, 01:28pm
These Disney Princesses not only beautiful, but also have extra bonus for their male audiences
Hot Chicks In Superwoman Costume
Sunday, 08.21.2011, 01:22pm
This chicks look hot and their look totally pass to be Superwomen
Korean Race Queen - Ji Hye
Thursday, 08.04.2011, 10:04pm
Im Ji Hye is a beautiful and famous Korean Model and Race Queen. H
Cigarette Companies Know How To Hire Booth Babes
Sunday, 06.05.2011, 11:24pm
When it comes to hiring booth babes, cigarette and car companies are the best at it, just look at these babes, aren't they gorgeous?
Jailbaits Acting Beyond Their Age
Friday, 06.03.2011, 05:47pm
These girls are behaving way beyond their actual age
Baby Faced Busty Doll - Ai Shinozaki
Friday, 06.03.2011, 05:04pm
Although only 19 years old, with the height 1,6m Ai Shinozaki has a busty E cup, since the magazine covers show off her hot body, Ai Shinozaki has become the teen sensation in Japan.
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