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Apakah Anda Bahagia Hari Ini?
Saturday, 01.23.2010, 07:07pm
Benarkah kebahagiaan itu ada yang sempurna? Bagaimana mendapatkannya?
Innkeeper of Bethlehem
Sunday, 12.13.2009, 09:56pm
Each year at this time, we gather to share in the telling of the birth of Jesus Christ…the Son of God. Through the centuries many peoples' perspectives have been shared…
Christmas Guests
Sunday, 12.13.2009, 09:50pm
Matthew Goodrich lived in the early nineteen hundreds just outside of London. He had a big Victorian-style house. He wasn’t a rich man, but he did have a nice house and made a good living.
Is Getting Angry A Sin?

Tuesday, 12.08.2009, 12:02am

We Christians find ourselves asking: "Is getting angry a sin?"

If we look through the Bible, we find many references to anger. We know that Moses, the prophets, and even Jesus got angry at times.

Dealing with Temptation

Monday, 12.07.2009, 11:59pm
If you're struggling with temptation in your life, take some encouragement from these verses and pray the prayer below, asking the Lord to help you deal with the temptations you face each day.
Prayer for a Sick Friend

Monday, 12.07.2009, 11:56pm
Is your heart heavy over a sick friend or family member? Do you wish there were something you could do to help? You can take your friend or family member to the Lord in prayer
Coping with Fear

Monday, 12.07.2009, 10:54pm
Fear can paralyze and trap you, especially in the face of tragedy, uncertainty and circumstances beyond your control. Take courage from these verses and pray
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Sunday, 11.22.2009, 11:02pm
"We could never go out to dinner without some type of argument taking place," Veronica says, "We bickered, we yelled and complained, and the night was always ruined."
Then came an evening that was different. The family had gone out for dinner again (you have to admire Veronica's parents, don't you?) but this time the family didn't fight.
The Smell of Rain
Sunday, 11.22.2009, 10:41pm
The story of Diana and David Blessing and their daughter, Danae, born when Diana had been pregnant for only 24 weeks, doctors thought she may not live, but she defied all odds... read more here
Pastor gets 175-year sentence for sex crimes
Thursday, 11.19.2009, 09:04am
Evangelist Tony Alamo was sentenced Friday to 175 years in prison for taking underage girls across state lines for sex