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Show Me Your Panties If You Want To Live
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:55pm
for the sake of their lives, she has to show her panties to this guy, otherwise they are both doomed
What is The Best Superpower?
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:08pm
From Thor's hammer, to Iron Man's armor, from Hulk's rage to Batman's gadgets, do you know what is the best superpower ever?
Spiderman - Playing the Race Card like a Boss
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:39pm
People playing race card to get away from troubles is a common thing in America, but none can do this like a Boss like Spiderman does. Go, Spidey.
Boys vs Girls in The Morning
Monday, 07.16.2012, 04:32pm
boys vs girlsboys and girls are totally different in term of waking up in the morning and preparing to face the rest of the day, this comic sums it up pretty well, don't you agree?
Sexy Belly Button? Be Careful, Could be Dangerous
Friday, 07.13.2012, 11:29am
belly buttonYour girlfriend has a cute belly button? tempted to play with it? if she says no, it means no, could be dangerous to you.
The Adventures of Lord Mario
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 09:06am
marioMario was set out to rescue P.P, and he started with good mood, when all of sudden...
Forever Alone? Be a Magician
Monday, 07.02.2012, 09:33pm
are you forever alone? need some hot chick, but don't know how? be a magician, you will get the hottest chick you can ever imagine
Man Build A Real Life Iron Man - With Video
Friday, 06.29.2012, 11:54am
A fan of Iron Man? would you like to be in that suit? it's not impossible now, as Anthony Le created a real life Iron Man suit that actually works.
Something is missing from this recipe
Tuesday, 06.26.2012, 09:19pm
Spoiler Alert - TEAR BUSTER! This has to be one of the most heart-touching comics ever, make sure you have a tissue nearby
How to please female CEO
Tuesday, 06.26.2012, 08:52pm
This Korean comic is weird, it's about regular office workers who try to satisfy their female CEO's needs.
How To Tell If You Are Pregnant
Tuesday, 06.19.2012, 01:27am
pregnant?Listen to this doctor, he is teaching you how to tell if you are pregnant or not.
Who Is The Strongest Of The Avengers?
Thursday, 06.14.2012, 09:29pm
This is a question comic fans often ask, right? who is the strongest among the Avengers? Iron Man? Thor? Hulk? Captain America? Hawk Eye? or Black Widow?
Hulk Over The Years 2003-2008-2012 Comparison
Wednesday, 05.09.2012, 12:38am
After The Avengers, more and more people like Hulk again, his previous two movies were not successful, as Ang Lee's Hulk and the Incredible Hulk not doing as well as other superhero movies
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