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Man Build A Real Life Iron Man - With Video

Friday, 06.29.2012, 11:54am (GMT-5)

real life iron man
A fan of Iron Man? would you like to be in that suit? it's not impossible now, as Anthony Le created a real life Iron Man suit that actually works.

Anthony who was 25 at the time of the Iron Man suit introduction, has been a huge fan of Marvel's Iron Man, and he was inspired to make a real life suit after watching it on the big screen in 2008.

It gave him ideas of how it works, and put pictures in his head that he started working on it like Tony Stark, although he did not make it in a cave... with a box of scraps.

Well, maybe he is not Tony Stark, but his design is pretty close to the real one, it actually works.

His suit has dent-proof exterior,
motorized faceplate and spinning mock Gatling gun, it actually could scare some villains on the street.

Working as a fitness consultant to make his ends meet, he learned how to make it himself with sources all over the internet, and put together urethane for the armor, clay helmet mold and liquid resin mix for the finishing touch.

He spent 1 month and cost him more than US$4,000
to build the armor, it is impressive indeed.

Check out the real-life Iron Man video below.

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