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Why Does He Call Himself Batman?
Monday, 04.02.2012, 11:30pm
batmanDid you know why Batman calls himself Batman? what would you call yourself if you have a chance to be a Superhero?
Feel Good After Achieving Something In The Morning
Monday, 04.02.2012, 11:27pm
goodWant to feel good before you go to school or go to work? achieve something, even when it's the simplest thing, it will give you great confidence.
Homesick in Battlefield
Tuesday, 03.27.2012, 10:43pm
Even when you are feeling homesick in a battlefield, you gotta keep focus. Otherwise you might never see your hometown ever again.
Greatest Plot
Friday, 01.13.2012, 01:50am
plotIf you wanna do something wrong, do it right. This expression is being applied in the most perfect way in this comic
Friday, 12.30.2011, 12:41am
This guy claims to be virgin, and yet....
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:47pm
begDo you like it when people beg to you? probably this has happened to you as well
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:44pm
gagBased on a true story, this must have happened to all of you as well
Daughter's Virginity
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:37pm
A dad is pissed his daughter's virginity got taken
Trash Food
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:35pm
Some people eat food from trash cans, you believe it?
Sharing View
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:30pm
Sharing a romantic view with your loved one is important, and you need to do everything you can to make it happen
Want To Be Thicker...
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:26pm
thicker hairThey say if you shave your hair, it gets thicker, maybe it's true, but does it apply to anything else?
Shit Just Got Real
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 07:23pm
shitWhen your gaming friends all suddenly sit up, shit just got real, and you are......
The Origin Of Rainbow
Wednesday, 12.28.2011, 12:55am
Many stories about the origin of rainbow, but below is the real origin of rainbow as we all should come to believe.
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