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Six Beautiful Korean Stars Died Commited Suicide

Monday, 09.13.2010, 11:40pm (GMT-5)

Some time ago, Korean actor Park Yong Ha found suicide at his home. Park Yong Ha is not the first Korean artist who chose to end his life with suicide. A number of top artists of Korea was found dead of suicide.

Conditions were very seized the attention of the world. Reportedly, the intense competition in the entertainment industry is the country's ginseng cause depression and despair in the country.

1. Jung Da Bin

Actress and singer Jung Da Bin, also ended his life with tragic results. She found her lover committed suicide in an apartment in Seoul. June Da Bin committed suicide by hanging himself. The boyfriend discovered this artist in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his neck. It happened on February 10th, 2007 ago.

There was no note left by the artist. But, according to her notes on her personal blog, written before she died, the number Da Bin said she was hit by depression. And this is the last record in June Da Bin.

"Everything is very complete. I am angry without reason, and feel I would be crazy. This is very painful. I feel sick. My head is very sore and made me cry. I am like a slave. I feel like losing myself, losing identity. And in the same time I get a warning. I feel calm. God loves me. God has made me become an important and gives me courage. He raised me and say I would be fine. And I'm fine. "

2. Lee Eun Joo

Korean actress and singer was found suicide in her apartment in Bundang, South Korea on February 22, 2005. Even more pathetic again, the artist who last breath at age 24 committed suicide this year after a few days her graduation from Dankook University.

Lee died by cutting her hand and hung herself. The family blamed the cause of death was due to a beautiful artist Lee Eun Joo is depressed and mentally disturbed. So far, the artist was also experiencing imsomnia trouble doing nude scenes in 'The Scarlet Letter'.

Before the suicide, Lee Eun Joo had to write a message to her mother. She wrote the message using her own blood. Lee Eun Joo this message to the mother. "Mama, I'm sorry and I love you. I want to do many things. Even though I live, but I do not feel alive. I do not want to disappoint again. Nice to have money. I want to have a lot of money," the message Lee Eun Joo.

The body of Lee cremated and stored in a room in Goyang. Hundreds of Korean artists and actors of this artist to deliver her final resting place.

3. U; Nee

January 2007, the Korean entertainment world stage again have to lose their pride artist. U; Nee which is known as a singer and actress was found hanging herself at her home in Seo-Gu, South Korea. After the death of U; Nee, the artist's mother held a press conference at the hospital.

The mother confirms U; Nee was suffering from depression. Because of that, U; Nee escape into drugs. She also has been truly suffer with the popularity he achieved as well as other personal issues affecting the life of the artist.

4. Seung Woo Yoon

Obituaries artist Yoon Seung Woo is very surprising. Yoon Seung Woo committed suicide at the time the phenomenon of suicide is being discussed in Korea. Artist's last breath at the age of 24 years committed suicide.

She was found in the morning at his home with a pathetic condition. She hanged herself in the chest home on April 27, 2009. The cause of suicide is certainly a beautiful artist as an actress and singer is suffering from a prolonged depression.

One family member said Yoon Seung-woo has just finished undergoing treatment at the hospital because of depression. However, she was unable to deal with grief and make decisions that are very extreme.

5. Jang Yeon Ja

Ja Yeon Jang's death was seized public attention in South Korea. Understandably, this beautiful artist is a newcomer to the world entertainment stage the country's ginseng. Ja Yeon Jang was found dead in her home. Ja Yeon Jang's death became the talk not because of her death felt very pathetic. She also brought some important person's name in the entertainment business that country is responsible for her decision to end her life by suicide.

Ja Jang Yeon wrote the reason of suicide because of the exploitation and sexual abuse they experienced during a career in the entertainment world country.

In the record of seven artists who play in the series 'Boys Over Flowers' before she breathed her last breath, telling me how cruel the world of entertainment homeland. She was allegedly forced into sex slave for wealthy people there for the sake of smooth out her career as an artist.

Ja Yeon Jang is known after her emergence as a star of television advertising. At the time she died, the beautiful artist actually had two films awaiting release. Nearly seven million fans who opened their website after two days of beautiful artist, died on 7 March 2009.

6. Choi Jin Sil

Another Korean artist who decided to end it with Choi Jin Sil is tragic. Korea's top artist was found dead, suicide by hanging herself in the bathroom at her home in Seoul. Before she died, Choi Jin Sil wrote her will messages. She requested that her children keep whatever happens.

Same with other Korean artist who committed suicide to end his life because of the reason is depression. Choi Jin Sil had depression since 2004 ago since she was going through divorce. According to one close friend, Choi Jin Sil is very depressed with his divorce and also the problem of debts.


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