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Mom Kills Her Baby For Interrupting Her FarmVille Game

Monday, 11.15.2010, 09:06pm (GMT-5)

It doesn't happen often, but occasionally video game-related news can be nothing less than tragic. A 22-year-old mom in Jacksonville, Florida plead guilty this week to second-degree murder after she shook her baby to death for interrupting her FarmVille game session.

According to the Florida Times-Union (via Huffington Post), the mother, Alexandra V. Tobias (right), told investigators she became angry after her 3-month-old baby started crying while she was playing FarmVille on Facebook. Tobias further explained to investigators that after she shook her baby once, she "smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook him again." She also said the baby may have hit his head during the shaking.

Tobias now faces a potential sentence of life in prison, although state guidelines call for a sentence of 25 to 50 years. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for December.

The story has shades of another tragic case earlier this year involving fatal child negligence due in part to online game addiction. Back in March, a couple in South Korea was convicted of letting their child starve to death while obsessively nurturing a virtual child in an online video game.

The vast majority of FarmVille players access the game through Facebook, where it has 61 million registered users – equivalent to the entire population of the United Kingdom. I’m sure most FarmVille players are just ordinary people passing a bit of time with a fun, animated game but, like any activity, there will be some who take it to excess.

I have no idea what Tobias is doing now (aside from her court appearances, that is). I hope she is not still playing FarmVille. But I can’t help thinking about how a young life has been lost and another one (the mother’s) permanently damaged.

source: 1up


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