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Man Left to Drowned after Saving a Family's Life

Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 10:34am (GMT-5)

drowned to deathman drowned to death for saving a family
A family of three was drowning in a river when this young man came to save them, but then left to death by the ungrateful family after he was out of strength to go back up from river.

Deng Jinjie was walking his two dogs by the river when he heard screaming of a little child and the parents who are failing to help their child.

Without much thinking, he jumped into the river straight away to save them without considering his own safety.

But once they were saved, they left right away without thanking him nor helping him go back up from the river leaving him to death.

Running out of strength and possible had some water from the river, he couldn't go back up and drowned leaving his two dogs waiting for him on the riverside.

Deng's body when pulled out from the river
Deng's body when pulled out from the river

Deng's family devastated when found out about his fate
Deng's family devastated when they found out about his fate

A witness to the incident, Ms. Fu said, “To everyone’s surprise, the family of three rescued ashore by everyone working together not only didn’t go help the drowning rescuer, they didn’t even say a word of thanks and just left the scene. They probable are afraid to be held responsible”

When the crowd stopped the family earlier, they said, "it's none of my damn business"

Deng was a construction worker, and known among his friends as a dog lover, not a dog eater mind you, “He kept 16 pure bred dogs at the cotton mill, including Border Collie and Samoyed. After work, he walked his dogs at Sunshui riverside.”

I guess this is what you get for doing the right thing in China, eh?


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