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16 yo Girl Knew She Was Gonna Die Before Car Crash Killed Her

Friday, 07.13.2012, 06:50pm (GMT-5)

Ebony Dunsworth
Girl knew she was gonna die soon
Girl knew she was gonna die soon

16 year old Ebony Dunsworth texted her friend 'LOL, I'm going to die' before she got in a car crash that killed her at the hands of car thief.

Timothy Watson was the driver when they took off from a party, and he was badly drunk, speeding with music blaring.

Ebony then texted her friend saying she was going to die before Watson suddenly hit the brake that rolled the car multiple times, throwing her out of the car and crushing her to death.

Watson, 23, pleaded guilty of car theft, speeding, driving under influence and negligent driving causing serious injury and facing 6,5 to 10,5 years in prison.

Other passengers in that car, Joshua Spierings and Daniel Gibson were also hurt.


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