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Father Hit and Crushed Son with Car - VIDEO

Monday, 07.16.2012, 06:29pm (GMT-5)

boy crushed by carlittle boy hit and  crushed by car
A CCTV video on the street captured a man driving hit and crushed his son and killed him with his car.

The man walked into his car, turned it on, but he didn't know his toddler was playing right in front of his car, and once he hit him and the car crushed over that little boy's body.

When the man found out he just hit 'something' he rushed out to see what he just hit, and we can clearly see panic in his face.

The mother freaked out right away naturally and together they brought the little boy to hospital.

What I couldn't believe is why he started running his car without his wife and his son already seated in his car?

That's why here in the United States, the 'toddler sit in the back' before you start your car regulation is in place and minimize this kind of accident.

There is no information of the exact location and time of this incident.

Watch the video of this little boy got hit and crushed by his father's car

Who do you think at fault here? the driver? the toddler? or the mother of the toddler?


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