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Father Bites Off Son's Penis For Refusing to Blow Him

Thursday, 07.19.2012, 12:16pm (GMT-5)

father bit off son's penisfather bit off child penis
A father bit off his son's penis after the son refused to blow his penis in front of watching public on a bridge.

This incident put Shenzhen City in shock.

In started when a 32 year old man named Yu brought his son and daughter to the bridge in Shenzhen City, but suddenly he took off his son's pants and started blowing him.

People around them were shocked at this indecency but did not stop him until he suddenly bit off his son's penis after his son refused to do the same to him.

They then subdued the father and forced him to spit out the weeny as some others called ambulance and police to take care of the matters.

The Ambulance ran the son off to hospital immediately to re-attach his penis while police arrested the crazy father.

They later found out that Yu has mental problems after his company went under and his wife divorced him after that.

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