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VIDEO - Man Killed 12 and Hurt 50 in Movie Theater During Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Friday, 07.20.2012, 10:28am (GMT-5)

dark knight risesAt the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado, a 24 year old man burst in with mask and armor and started shooting at audiences which killed a dozen and hurt at least 50 people.

It was total chaos in the movie theater as described by an eye witness and other witness who captured the moment of Colorado shooting with his Android phone.

"He came in and he threw in the gas can and then I knew it was real," Seeger told NBC News. "Then he shot the ceiling. Right after he shot the ceiling he pointed the gun right at me. At that point I drove into the aisle and I got lucky because he didn't shoot me.

"Then he started to shoot people behind me and the bullets were falling on my head. It was burning my head it was so fresh. I could smell gunpowder. At that point he went up the stairs.

"He started at the very corner of the screen. And then he worked his way all the way through the back and back down. Like all the way to the top of the stairs and back down.", said the witness

A Marine who happened to be watching the movie felt something wrong right away when he smelled the tear gas

Quentin Caldwell said they were about 15 minutes into the film when he heard a very distinct "pop, pop, pop, pop."

"My wife jumped, and I just kind of sat there like, 'Oh, it was probably just really good special sound effects,'" he told CNN.

The Caldwells were in an adjacent theater when bullets from theater 9 pierced the walls.

"Everybody thought at first that it was part of the movie, like it was just something that was going on like a promotional stunt or something, so at first everybody was kind of dumbfounded."

The gunman reportedly deployed tear gas in theater 9 before beginning his shooting spree. When Caldwell's wife, a former EMT, said she smelled tear gas, the couple started telling patrons they needed to escape.

"There were people still sitting there waiting for the movie to continue," he said. "I looked at them like, 'This is real, there's something wrong, we need to leave now.'"

Caldwell, a Marine, said the theater parking lot was chaos. Officers put the wounded into patrol cars and rushed them to nearby hospitals.

"There were wounded everywhere," he said.

Video of the chaotic scene can be seen below


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