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Stolen Phone tracked down and Recovered with some Bonus Pics in it

Wednesday, 07.25.2012, 01:47am (GMT-5)

phone thiefphone thief
so, this phone belongs to a Redditor, and it was stolen but then recovered back by the police probably with the phone tracker app to find a missing  phone, with some bonus pictures of the thief in it.

The thief is seen here with his weed, his dog and probably his girlfriend.

I still don't get it, now there are apps that help phone owners to track down their phones through data connection and GPS (satellite), why do these people still want to steal these phones?

Once a phone is activated and logged-in, we can easily track down this phone even miles away and give away the location to the police, don't these petty thieves know that? they should have done their homework before they commit the crime.

People do crimes all the time, but like Joey Tribbiani said, 'if you wanna do something wrong, do it right', isn't that so?

The one thing that pissed me the most is not that he stole that phone in the first place, but look at his dog, that is a complete animal neglect.

Someone, please rescue that dog and give it to ASPCA so someone else can adopt it and give it a better home.

phone thief
phone thief
phone thief's dog

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