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Girl Switches Job to be a Full Time Hooker To Get Back at Cheating Boyfriend

Wednesday, 07.25.2012, 09:40am (GMT-5)

chinese hooker
After her boyfriend cheated on her with another woman, this girl switched job from an office clerk to be a full time hooker.

She is well educated also, as she graduated from a college and got a decent job at an office in her hometown in Yiyang City, but once she found out that her boyfriend has been banging another woman, broken heart Li moved to another city and found another job.

The thing is, that other job in her new city, Changsa, is not at a respectable office, it's a 'massage' place.

Asian 'massage' places here in New York City don't have good reputation as a real physical therapy place, but more like  a place for 'happy-ending'.

Same goes to that 'massage' place that Li worked at, as they provide a 'happy-ending' as well, with Yi can keep 60% of the fee.

Tempted by the money and the feeling to get back at her boyfriend, she let her 'patients' bang her for a stack of cash.

But her 'revenge' will have to be put on hold momentarily as the police nabbed her for prostituting herself and got thrown in jail.

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