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Woman Turned Away From Salon Because She is Black

Friday, 07.27.2012, 10:47am (GMT-5)

woman turned away because she is blackAccording to Metro, a beauty salon turned away a woman and denied her service because she was black, is that so?

Another motherf*****g racist business, you might think? nope. She was turned away because the equipment was not designed for Afro-Caribbean skin and people with medication, and to avoid a lawsuit and more troubles, the salon had to deny her the electrolysis for hair removal.

The manager said that she put the safety of her clients on top, so considering miss Annie's skin safety, she could not grant her the treatment she wanted, not because they are racist, because it had nothing to do with it.

Below is the clipping from the newspaper, sorry, had to cut and put them together because it won't fit this page.

black denied service

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