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Teacher Ordered Students to Beat Up a Girl for Talking in Class

Sunday, 08.12.2012, 12:48pm (GMT-5)

girl beaten up for talking in the class
This crazy teacher was so pissed that Le Le was talking in her class, she ordered her class of 32 students to beat up the poor girl.

Teachers not liking students talking during teaching session is normal, something throwing chalks at students also a common thing, but beat up a student for talking is uncommon, let alone ordering the whole class to beat up that student.

Ms. Bi was playing piano during a music class when Le Le's classmate took her eraser. Trying to ask her eraser back, Ms. Bi thought she was talking and having fun. She came down from the platform and ordered her classmates to punch her back 10 times for each student.

From 32 students, 2 refused to punch her, while the others did exactly what they were told to.

Le Le ended up in hospital with severe back injury and the teacher never showed up at the school anymore, while Le Le refused to go back to school because of her traumatic experience.


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