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10 Year Old Girl Blackmailed With Her Nude Photos

Tuesday, 08.14.2012, 09:45pm (GMT-5)

This is exactly why you girls should not post naked in front of webcam for the guy you thought nice, this boy blackmailed a 10 year old girl with her nude photos after she refused to pay him online coins.

This 10 year old girl, who lives in Sichuan, China, had been chatting with this 11 year old boy on QQ (equivalent of facebook chat; please note that facebook and twitter are not popular and not widely used in China) for some time and she thought of him as her boyfriend.

She then posted naked in front of the webcam after he asked her to do it, and he secretly screen-captured them and used them to blackmail her for 100 Q coins (think of Farmville coins or one of those online currency).

She refused to pay him and ignored him afterwards, but soon, she found her naked photos all over the Chinese microblogs.

She reported it to her parents who then turned it to the police.

The police then went to the boy's house and told his parents to discipline him because he was underage and there was no way they can arrest him.

Both the boy's and the girl's computers are taken away and now they can only study study study and no more internet for them.

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