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Chinese Girl Turns Car Upside Down 4 Times in 2 Years

Sunday, 08.26.2012, 02:54pm (GMT-5)

car upside downoverturned car
A 17 year old Chinese girl turned her car upside down 4th time in 2 years, twice in China twice in America, and you are supposed to trust a little Chinese girl with your car?

The teenage girl, called Xu, said it happened after she wanted to sped over the taxi in front of her, but suddenly the taxi changed lane and cut in her path.

She steered away from the taxi and overturned her car on the side of the road.

She came out of the car like nothing happened and told the police this was not her first time coming out of upside down cars.

"This was my fourth time, all happened in the past two years, two here in China, and two back in America, but I never got injuries from them."

She was not found driving under influence but she was not driving under a valid Chinese driver's license, but using US Driver's License instead.

She has been detained for further investigation and may be charged of dangerous and reckless driving while not possessing a valid driver license.

Talk about stereotypes of Asian women can't drive, eh?


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