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Pepsi Exploded and Created a Joker-Like Scar on a Boy's Face

Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 09:27pm (GMT-5)

pepsi exploded
A Pepsi exploded in front of a boy's face and created a big Joker-like scar on his face.

This Shanghai boy took the Pepsi cola from a freezer and opened it right away, which probably triggered the explosion and cut his left cheek.

He needed 31 stitches on his face and 7 stitches inside the cheek.

Pepsi-Cola Shanghai staff said they have reported the incident to the company, but Pepsi hadn't responded at that time.

Turns out, a can of soda can explode in high temperature AND in freezing temperature as the pressure inside the can is trying to get out, which could burst out in instant and create a serious cut.


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