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Another Zombie Attack As Man Eats A Family Dog
Tuesday, 06.26.2012, 09:41pm
Lately there have been more and more zombie attacks. After a man ate a homeless man's face, and a Canadian porn star killed and ate his boyfriend, this person killed and ate a family dog out of nowhere.
How To Deal With Terrorist The Chinese Way
Thursday, 05.03.2012, 03:20pm
chinese wayAmerica is not the only nation dealing with terrorism, other countries as well. But unlike America which prioritize negotiations, Chinese way seems faster and more efficient.
Little Girl Got Hit By A Car And Ignored By Bypassers In China
Wednesday, 10.19.2011, 12:24am
A two-year-old toddler was run over by two vans and mortally wounded, after which 18 people passed her indifferently in south China
At Least 3000 Young Women Forced Into Marriage In America Annually
Wednesday, 10.05.2011, 11:40pm

Noor Almaleki, 20, was killed when her father ran over her in his Jeep Cherokee after she refused to marry the man he wanted.

French Woman Killed In Malaysia For Refusing To Have Sex
Tuesday, 08.23.2011, 09:28am
A Malaysian man was charged Tuesday with the murder of a French tourist, a government prosecutor said, as a report quoted police saying the woman was killed after refusing his sexual advances.
Picture of Groping Suspect In New York Released
Wednesday, 08.03.2011, 04:28pm
Recently there has been groping of young women in the upper east side area, and this time, the suspect got caught by surveillance cameras
OMG - A Father Threatened To Kill His Daughter With A Samurai
Thursday, 06.02.2011, 09:04pm
A terrible scene occurred in Yunnan province of China, where a man later known as Zhang Gang (34), threatened to stab his daughter who was a child with a samurai sword.
Husband Disfigured Wife's Face Out Of Jealousy
Thursday, 05.05.2011, 12:50am
Now this is sick! A 36-year-old man disfigured his wife's face because he suspected his wife was having an affair with another man, so he made a big scar on her face that says 'degrading' or 'cheap' or 'low' well, that kind of meaning.
Police Beat Up Salesgirl For Being Too Sexy
Friday, 04.22.2011, 09:23am
A Taipei Police officer smack-downed a betel nut salesgirl wearing sexy lingerie and soliciting customers in his route and the whole thing got captured on camera
Man Arrested For Having Sex With Teddy Bear In Public
Wednesday, 03.16.2011, 01:39pm
A 28-year-old Cincinnati man, Charles Marshall, has been arrested for the fourth time for having sex with a teddy bear in public.
Mom Kills Her Baby For Interrupting Her FarmVille Game
Monday, 11.15.2010, 09:06pm
A 22-year-old mom in Jacksonville, Florida plead guilty this week to second-degree murder after she shook her baby to death for interrupting her FarmVille game session.
Blogger warned over 'mistress recruitment'
Wednesday, 11.03.2010, 01:05am
A blogger in Shanghai, has been warned by police not to spread rumors online after she posted a photo of a price list of mistresses from local colleges.
Child Beggar Abuses Young Women When Not Given Money
Sunday, 10.17.2010, 01:29pm
This child beggar only attacks single/unaccompanied women, kneeling on the ground, latching onto legs, lifting up skirts, using needles to threaten, and other dirty tricks to get money.
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