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Show Random Image, Banner and Link Using Javascript
Wednesday, 07.04.2012, 07:13am
banner-rotatorSometimes we want to show different banners or pictures and the links on the same page on the same spot every time a visitor logs in, so they don't get bored, right? this is the javascript to do it.
Simple Redirect Javascript Code
Sunday, 07.01.2012, 05:24pm
redirectThis is a simple javascript code to redirect your visitors to another url. As soon as the javascript is loaded, it works and bring your readers to another web page that you already designated.
How to Make Quote Box in HTML
Tuesday, 05.01.2012, 06:14pm
In forums, the general code for quote is [QUOTE], very simple, but what about in HTML? below is the HTML code for quotations.
How To Get Rid Of  On Top Of Your Page
Friday, 12.16.2011, 09:08am
Seeing this "" error? don't panic, this is not a virus or spyware, this is merely encoding issue, and it's easy to fix