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How To Get Rid Of  On Top Of Your Page

Friday, 12.16.2011, 09:08am (GMT-5)

language encodingSeeing this "" error? don't panic, this is not a virus or spyware, this is merely encoding issue, and it's easy to fix

This won't become an issue for your SEO or browsing experience, but you as website owner might get irritated because it might ruin your website's layout.

The problem here is the encoding language you used when you were editing the html.

If you used frontpage or dreamweaver, then you might have set the encoding language to your local one, especially for the ones based outside the US.

To fix this, you will need a text editor, probably a notepad. Default notepad don't provide the change of encoding setting, so you might want to download an alternate notepad here, it's called notepad2.

Just download the file, unzip it and run it, no installation needed.

Open your html or tpl file and select "File" then choose the "Encoding" and choose UTF-8. Save your file. Re-upload it and you're done, the
 character should be gone now.

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