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THE Most Convincing Skin Lightening Product Ads
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:15pm
People in Asia are obsessed with light skin, they would buy any products that could lighten their skin color and pay good money for it.
What is The Best Superpower?
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 05:08pm
From Thor's hammer, to Iron Man's armor, from Hulk's rage to Batman's gadgets, do you know what is the best superpower ever?
Traditional Japanese Fisherwomen Fishing... Naked
Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 09:36pm
Did you know that at some area of Japan, their traditional fisherwomen go out fishing naked? and this is a 2000 year tradition, I wouldn't go against it.
Pepsi Exploded and Created a Joker-Like Scar on a Boy's Face
Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 09:27pm
A Pepsi exploded in front of a boy's face and created a big Joker-like scar on his face.
Squeeze Cute Japanese Girls' Boobs to Help Stop AIDS
Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 08:27pm
squeeze japanese girl's titsWould you pay to squeeze one of these Japanese girls' boobs to help stop AIDS? Heck yeah I'd pay in the name of stopping AIDS (yeah right)
Elly Tran Topless Gallery
Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 05:28pm
elly tran toplessElly Tran Ha, who has the reputation of being a tiny Asian girl with big boobs, finally give in and pose topless. Rejoice, Elly Tran fans.
Elly Tran Ha in Sexy Red Lingerie
Wednesday, 08.29.2012, 08:14am
Elly Tran Ha, the little Asian with big boobs, finally agree to do photoshoot with sexy red lingerie, showing off her big rack in provocative way.
Why You Should Pick Nokia Instead of iPhone
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:58pm
iphone vs nokiaAlmost everybody picks iphone when it comes to their next phone, but this is a reason why should pick a Nokia, preferably an older version
Real Reason to Love Hula-Hoop
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:49pm
There are plenty of reasons to love hula-hoop, but no reason can better than watching Melanie Iglesias playing hula-hoop.
Spiderman - Playing the Race Card like a Boss
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:39pm
People playing race card to get away from troubles is a common thing in America, but none can do this like a Boss like Spiderman does. Go, Spidey.
Bunnies, Sometimes They Rape Cats
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:35pm
You'd think bunnies are weak and vulnerable compared to cats, wouldn't you? you couldn't be more wrong, this bunny tried to rape this cat.
Just a hot blonde trying to seduce you
Tuesday, 08.28.2012, 06:22pm
I don't know about you, but I do think this GIF of a hot blonde dancing and showing off her panties and trying to seduce you is super hot.
Rich Man Drug-Raped 60 Models and Stars, Video-Taped the Sex Scenes
Sunday, 08.26.2012, 03:27pm
Li Zongrui, the son of a rich Taiwanese businessman, is suspected of drug-raping models and stars and videotaped the sex scenes while raping them.
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