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Draw Yao Ming With a Basketball
Friday, 07.13.2012, 11:15am
draw yao 
ming using basketballNo brush? still wants to draw your NBA hero, Yao Ming? you can draw Yao Ming using just a basketball and a can of paint. If this guy can do it, you can do it.
This Girl's Ass Shake will Make Your Jaws Drop
Thursday, 07.12.2012, 04:11pm
shakeAlizee has a sweet ass, but the way she shakes it is even sweeter and make your jaws drop and your 'little brother' awake like nuts. Don't believe me? watch this
Hot Cosplay Girl Photobomb
Thursday, 07.12.2012, 03:50pm
cosplay photobombEveryone happy at comic on or cosplay shows looking at those hot chicks wearing costumes showing off cleavage? not everyone my friend, not everyone.
Don''t Miss Out Your Girlfriend Put on Her Skinny Jeans
Thursday, 07.12.2012, 03:42pm
boobs bouncingThis is exactly why you shouldn't just play video games or wait outside when your girlfriend put on her skinny jeans. It's the best, man
Octopus with Human Head Caught in Indonesia
Thursday, 07.12.2012, 11:06am
octopus human facea weird octopus with human head and female face caught by a fisherman in Padang, Indonesia.
Cruel Motorcyclist Abused and Dragged Poor Dog
Thursday, 07.12.2012, 10:53am
cruelThis cruel motorcyclist dragged this poor dog on the street using a chain and torture it until it's half dead.
Smart Ass Chinese Customer Service
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 11:56pm
customer serviceDon't argue with a smart ass Chinese customer service, there is no way you can win
That Shirt Cannot Contain Those Big Boobs
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 10:38pm
shirt big boobsThat shirt absolutely cannot contain and hold those big boobs as it almost breaks up and show those assets to public.
Chinese Netizens Put Clothing on Naked Art Works
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:54pm
clothedCensorship in China is strict, everybody knows that. But what if those naked statues of David or naked paintings by Michelangelo also censored and putted clothing on?
Cindy - Busty Indonesian Schoolgirl
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:19pm
semok boyAsian schoolgirls no boobs? yeah right, take a look at Cindy. This cute Indonesian schoolgirl definitely has big assets to be proud of.
This is Why Girls Shouldn't Change Shirt in Bus
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:05pm
bra in bus smalldon't want someone take a picture of you topless in bus and post you and your bra on the internet? don't do it then.
Hottest Fitness Instructor - Eva Andressa
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 12:37pm
eva andressa smallTalk about being fit. Eva Andressa is not only fit, she is THE fitness instructor, a super hot one as well.
Aniesa Amalia Teases Men's Imaginations in Indonesia
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 11:54am
AmaliaEven though she always refuse to shoot nude or naked photos, Amalia has always teases men's wild imaginations in Indonesia.
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