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Great Artworks By Andrea Whitfill

Thursday, 02.16.2012, 04:22pm (GMT-5)

When it comes to art, you can't help but amazed by these artists' works. Whenever I go to Museum of Art or galleries, I can't stop wondering how these people get their inspiration from.

When you live in New York, there is a good chance you might bumped into these people, and I was lucky enough to witness this artist, Andrea Whitfill, working on her artworks.

She uses pictures from magazines, posters and other sources to form great artworks, that I think should be published.

Take a look at her artworks below, and let your imagination run wild.

Andrea WhitfillAndrea Whitfill - "
An outlet in which freedom of expression has no boundaries, fears, limits, definitive answers, incorrect perceptions or worries of judgment. My main motive in doing this is to remain happy and feel as if I have a sense of purpose without dance. Describing any of these is next to impossible. And shouldn't matter. What another individual is able to take from it is what it's truly about- unique and separate from what it meant or currently means to me. It's like looking at the clouds -- we never see the same image and that image is ever-changing from whichever way the wind may blow."

Check out more of Andrea Whitfill's artworks here :

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