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Chinese Netizens Put Clothing on Naked Art Works

Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:54pm (GMT-5)

art clothedchinese cover up
Censorship in China is extremely strict, everybody knows that. But what if those naked statues of David or naked paintings by Michelangelo also censored and putted clothing on?

This is what just happened in China, but it's not the work of the government, but the photoshop work of Chinese netizens themselves after a national TV broadcast David's statue's penis being blurred on TV show.

They think it is ridiculous because that David Statue is the work of art and there is nothing wrong in showing the statue in its full glory because it depicts human body.

So, to mock them, those Chinese netizens with Photoshop skills put clothing on most of world's famous artworks. You can see them below
chinese cover upchinese cover up chinese cover up chinese cover up chinese cover up chinese cover up chinese cover up chinese cover up

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