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Amazing Banana Arts
Sunday, 04.17.2011, 01:00am
Lots of people like to eat bananas, some girls have their own imagination about bananas (lol), but did you know that you can make an amazing arts out of bananas? here are some pics that some artists can craft bananas into amazing arts too.
Classic Chinese Advertising From The 1920s
Tuesday, 04.12.2011, 09:16am
It seems to be a long time ago already, but these well preserved advertising posters surely deserved to be revisited again, they are old, but still beautifully crafted even by today's standard.
Spider Kitty
Friday, 04.08.2011, 02:14pm
Gotta Believe This Kitty Has To Be The Spider Kitty
NFL and Chinese Football Girls
Sunday, 02.27.2011, 04:40pm
MSNBC has an interesting report on efforts to bring NFL football to a China. The reports talks to some of the young fans who do color-commentary for the games, and how they go about translating the nature of the game to a Chinese audience.
Inflatable Doll? or Really Cute Girl?
Thursday, 02.24.2011, 03:55pm
She took the internet world by storm, making people guessing whether she is a real girl, blood and flesh or an inflatable doll for..... you know :)
Would you willing to have her whether or not she is a real girl or an inflatable doll?
Click the picture to see more pictures of her
Meet Irina Shayk, Ronaldo's Russian Model Girlfriend
Thursday, 01.27.2011, 10:57pm
Never heard of Irina Shayk, now you do. She is a hot Russian model, currently dating soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who has been known as world soccer's casanova who had dated dozens of models and celebrities
They Are Beautiful and Sexy, They Are ......
Wednesday, 12.29.2010, 12:27am
Ladyboys, yep, but you won't believe it considering they are so gorgeous and hot, look at the complete pictures and tell us if you would ever date one after you see these pictures
Gorgeous Shanghai Maiden
Monday, 12.27.2010, 01:18pm
Have you ever imagined having a Shanghai maiden like this as your girl?
Chinese Knock-Offs: Funny, Creative or Counterfeit?
Thursday, 12.16.2010, 12:40am
Look at these pictures as comparisons, and tell us what you think
Sign of A Pervert?
Sunday, 12.12.2010, 05:04pm
If you see/experience this sign, most likely you or the one you see is a pervert
Halloween Weddings
Saturday, 12.11.2010, 01:41am
Some people do take these wedding ceremonies to extremes and come up with the most bizarre and weird ideas for their wedding day.
Guess How Old is She?
Saturday, 12.11.2010, 01:19am
she’s from Vietnam, and looks like a full grown up woman, a hot one too, but how old she actually is?
Amazing Pictures of Natural Disasters
Saturday, 12.04.2010, 07:11pm
These pictures are well taken and so beautiful, but we shall not forget that these disasters took many lives and we must always be grateful that we are still alive right now
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