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Can You Believe These Are Wall Painting?
Saturday, 10.09.2010, 02:19pm
Not much words needed, as the title says; can you make your mind to understand these aren’t real people, but wall paintings instead? Looking forward to hear your comments!
Ladies With Heavy Burden - Part 1
Saturday, 10.02.2010, 02:07am
These ladies are not only beautiful, but also carry such heavy burden.... on their chest
My Butt Is Big
Tuesday, 09.28.2010, 02:29am
When Nike decided to bring back their classic ad, they did it in style. Here, you see a clever and semi-honest depiction of a large-trunked-but-healthy-woman demonstrating why it’s okay to have a large rear and buy Nike shoes.
Weird and Exotic Looking Eggs From China
Tuesday, 09.28.2010, 01:58am
ever seen such weird but exotic looking eggs? these are from China, and they are quite pricey too
People who look exactly the same in all pictures
Monday, 09.06.2010, 07:09pm
Some people looks the same at all photos. You can look through the photo album of your friends, maybe you’ll notice the same thing.
Unseen Side of Red Riding Hood
Tuesday, 08.03.2010, 09:37am
this is the side of Red Riding Hood many people haven't seen before, naughty, bad and mean.
Hello Kitty Or Katy Perry? Who Wins?
Thursday, 03.18.2010, 12:00am
Katy Perry is hot, everyone knows..... Hello Kitty is cute, everyone knows.... What if both of them combined? look at these photos and you will find out
Story Of A Kitten and a Parrot
Thursday, 01.21.2010, 11:49am
Who says a kitten would always kill a parrot? these pictures say differently
Define Extreme Laziness [ 10 Funny pics ]
Tuesday, 01.12.2010, 01:53pm
After seeing this pic, you will realize that, you did it too...